Top 10 Best Calisthenics Masters

Curious to know who are the top 10 best calisthenics masters? We give you a list of the greatest calisthenics masters to learn from! Calisthenics consists on a variety of exercises and body movements, including pushup, pullup, muscleup, dip, squat, jump and plank. What makes calisthenics different from body building is that you don’t need equipments or a gym, you can workout on your garden or on public parks that have bars and you mainly use your own body mass to build strength and muscles! Here you go, top 10 calisthenics masters of all time:

1) Frank Medrano

2) Lazar Novovic

3) Hassan “Giant” Yasin

4) Denis Minin

5) Adam Raw

6) Hannibal for King

7) Vadim Oleynik

8) Kris Karlsson

9) Pavel Rudometkin

10) Sam Tribble

  27/09/2016     1,719 views

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